Twenty Years

Twenty short years ago on this day I was born a very curious child in Houston. Soon after I was taking apart every electronic gadget I could get my hands on.. even the old 386 and Macintosh Centris 650, which was a great computer by the way. As some of my Greek readers have picked up on, yesterday was my name day. The best birthday present was the internship, which gets better everyday. Today I met the Yahoo! (the reason I keep putting that exclamation point after Yahoo! is that it's part of the trademark/logo... it's not just me being overly excited) founders, Jerry Yang and David Filo. They were speaking to the new interns and welcoming them to the Y.

Yahoo! Day 4 - Me with Y! Founders
Jerry liked my shirt.

As for the site, I've got a long 4 day weekend ahead so you can expect some great posts. I've been trying to write a microformats post for some time but I keep getting instant messaged by someone.