Top 100

Just an FYI to everyone that reads, subscribes and checks this site incessantly, I recently entered the ranks of the Top 100 blogs as tracked by Technorati, out of 70M+ blogs. Technorati takes into account unique links within the past 6 months, or at least that's how they used to do it. It's very likely I'll get knocked out eventually due to the stiff competition, but rank is just a number, nothing more.

Technorati Top 100While I am in the Top 100 I, like many other WordPress theme developers, aren't listed on the popular page just my profile page. Also, my little web app flickrSLiDR played no small role in this. It's been online for almost 2 months and 30,000 slideshows have been made with it. How many of those were actually used on websites I can't tell you, but even at 5% that's 1,500 links. Thanks to (mt) for the support.

As for next week, I'll be in San Francisco for 5 days to visit friends, business contacts and attend WordCamp to hopefully meet some of you. If you're at WordCamp, I'll likely be wearing a "Stammy" shirt and have lots of schwag to hand out. My time will also be spent at Yahoo! to watch an internal Hack Day, Google where a Georgia Tech friend will be showing me around, OpenDNS HQ and more. I can't wait to move out there for good..