ToneMine - Compose Your Own Ringtones

Tired of using sketchy sites to find mediocre ringtones to replace the default one on your new phone? ToneMine attempts to solve this problem by building a community around people who create and share their own ringtones with their mixer tool. There is a decent library of sound effects you may use to create your ringtones but the real treat is using community sounds or audio files uploaded yourself. I was quite delighted to find the CTU phone sound from the show 24.

Tone Mine

I'm not much of a composer myself but the Flash-based drag-and-drop interface for creating ringtones is simple enough to use. You'll need to register an account (yeah, I know) to use the real features of ToneMine and save any ringtones you've created. A quick peek in the ToneMine Terms of Service indicates that any ringtone you have created with ToneMine is ToneMine's property, so don't plan on selling any of your masterpieces. However, you can share ringtones with friends:

Members of the ToneMine Community can embed their tones into their own community pages, like Facebook, send new tone notices, and upload and share with family and friends.

I have yet to make a ringtone with ToneMine as I'm quite happy with my current ring tone, the Entourage theme song, which I paid something ridiculous like 3 for. You're probably expecting to pay some fee for this service but it is surprisingly all free. Overall, the service offers quick way to make a free and unique ringtone even if the site is obviously an advertisement of sorts for its creator,

ToneMine is set to officially launch sometime next week.

Speaking of which, what's your current ringtone?