Spring Break Begins

Georgia Tech's Spring Break kicks off today and I'll be flying home to Houston in a few hours. I'm most definitely ready for it to begin after this project-filled week. I was at the College of Computing from 6pm to 8am just now attempting to finish up a computer science project. Of course, it was packed as most people had projects due today.

So there's this random old phone in the midst of one of the computer labs. Some genius discovered the phone number and throughout the entire night called the phone and then someone would become curious enough to sprint to pick it up only to hear a dial tone. (Others would no doubt claim that Neo was on the line and that they must pick it up if they value Zion.) This went on erratically, but certainly more than a dozen times during my 14 hour stay.

Coc Late Night

Wikipedia also provided comedic relief as some kids found it thoroughly funny to edit the page for our rival school, UGA. Others enjoyed watching their accounts get banned. Meanwhile, another guy took up two computers and using one, remote desktop'd into his system at home, setup a stream for his TV tuner and began watching one of the March Madness college basketball games. Finally, others would take breaks from graphing out nodes and edges for visualizing algorithms such as Minimum Spanning Tree and Max Flow by drawing random things on the Expo boards. For the college students reading this, how do your typical all-nighters go?