Skribit Exits Beta, Gets TechCrunched

I always found it a bit ironic that I had less time to blog here as I started working full-time on a blogging startup. Well, my time spent on Skribit is starting to pay off. Today, Skribit finally goes out of what we've internally been considering our public beta — so it's our official launch day. We have been laying low on the marketing and press front, except for my ramblings here, and now we are ready to tell more people about it. That being said, TechCrunch just wrote about Skribit (thanks Daniel!). This is the first step on our so-called "Customer Acquisition Plan", as MBA as that sounds.

Skribit - Cure Writer's Block

Skribit has always been in an interesting position due to our low burn rate. While I do work full-time on Skribit, I don't take much in the way of salary as this blog has been paying for my rent and basic living expenses for a while now. You'll see me playing and testing out different forms of advertising on this blog's sidebar as I try to find a good combination of revenue streams.

Blog Settings Screenshot of Skribit - Cure Writer's Block

Alright so what's big in this Skribit release? While this is mostly a polishing-things-up update for those of you that have seen Skribit before, we're also pretty excited about signup and login via Twitter. Big props to our Ruby on Rails intern Alex Coomans for that feature. Alex is finishing up high school and applying to colleges now; hopefully my letters of recommendation with help with that.

Dashboard Screenshot of Skribit - Cure Writer's Block

We're happy about the launch and want people to take full advantage of some of the extra functionality only present in our Pro accounts, so we're giving out some Pro accounts. Select the Pro account plan, sign up and you'll be taken to a payments page where you can enter in promotional code "PSTAM" to redeem the account. At the time of this posting it'll say the price is 1 — I'm going to need to hack in a fix but it should say 0 a bit later.


Update 12-23-09: I wrote a follow up post on the Skribit blog called Thoughts on a Successful Launch.