SEO Follow-up

Earlier in the month I wrote a post, SEO 101, that dealt with the basics that comprise search engine optimization. I mentioned how I learned a lot from the Pronet Advertising blog and applied what I learned about SEO to my blog. At the time I only had limited traffic results to compare. Now that Google and other search engines have had time to react to the changes, I've begun to realize the full effects of my SEO work.

As they say, your mileage may vary, but I got some great results. My previous traffic usually reached 2,000 unique hits (or a bit higher) per day during the week and slightly under during the weekends. What you see below are the traffic stats for this week. I have received no linkings on any big sites during this time period.

Mint Stats, Post SEO Work

I will admit, I had always been skeptical of SEO and its "black magic". However, this time everything pulled through and I'm now raking in over 1,000 extra unique visitors per day. I hope this trend continues.