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Unboxed: Samsung Focus (WP7)

Microsoft sent us a Windows Phone 7 device for development purposes. Chad opted for the Samsung Focus phone. We have not tinkered with it too much so here are just some unboxing pictures and preliminary thoughts.

Samsung focus wp7 front box
Samsung focus wp7 included parts
Samsung focus wp7 amoled
Not the best picture but the Super AMOLED display is very crisp and vivid in real life.

First Impressions

While I have only tinkered with the Focus for a few moments, I must say that it is unbelievable light for a phone of its size. Second, the display is amazingly crisp. It's a large 4-inch AMOLED variant, similar to the Nexus One. Unfortunately the Nexus One display did not fare well in sunlight so I'm curious to see how the Focus screen performs outdoors. Best part of the screen is the amazing contrast. It reminds me of my sold-long-ago Samsung plasma HDTV — the blacks were very black, making it ideal for movies. Similarly, the screen on the Focus is such that you can't even tell where the screen ends and the black bezel begins. It's brilliant. Battery life seems impressive so far, at least compared to my iPhone 4.

So far the hardware is not too shabby. Unfortunately in the past few months I have read countless articles talking about issues with WP7 in terms of both consumer-facing and developer-facing snafus. I haven't personally experience any real issues yet but I'll hold my thoughts until later. I actually think the tile-based home screen and general interface is pretty slick. Though I would like the ability to make certain tiles double-wide, like email.

Further reading:

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Thoughts on WP7 or the Samsung Focus? I'm pretty happy with my iPhone 4 for the time being.

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"Unboxed: Samsung Focus (WP7)" by @Stammy

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