Rojas Launches RCRD LBL

Peter Rojas, the guy that co-founded Engadget, launched his latest venture today. RCRD LBL, which translates to Record Label in non-Web 2.0 vernacular, is a blog meets social network for music lovers. Well, it doesn't exactly appear to be pushing as a social network but you can register for an account and post a profile. However, the attraction of RCRD LBL is the exclusive, DRM-free tracks offered daily from a bevy of artists. Granted these will be more of the indie type of artists from their own roster of artists as well as the other labels they’re partnering with.


RCRD LBL has been added to the small list of music sites I visit frequently: Pandora, PureVolume, Pitchfork Media, Songza and Hype Machine. The site also seems to have launched with a number of sponsorships from Nikon to Puma, so it will be interesting to see what lies in RCRD LBL's future.

What music sites do you frequent, if any?