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As of recently I have been more and more interested in reading about branding, image and recognition - things to better promote my site. My logo work and subtle redesign were part of that effort to come off as a more professional feeling blog. My friend Neil Patel has been writing about these types of things in his relatively new blog, Quick Sprout.

Quick Sprout

Neil is a fellow college student and his posts come from his experience as a successful search engine/online marketing professional. In fact, he even has a black card. If you're looking to brand yourself through your blog, use your blog to help you lure in impressive job offers or anything of that kind, Quick Sprout should fit the bill. Example posts include 4 essential elements of an about page, choosing a brandable domain name and making money through personal branding.

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"Quick Sprout; Top-notch Branding Blog" by @Stammy

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