Twin Falls, Maui

A hike in Hawaii

I was in Maui last week and rented a lovely 8-15mm Canon L f/4 lense from BorrowLenses (my first time using the service — I approve!). I shot this HDR at Twin Falls on the way to Hana at 15mm @ f/22. It was quite the journey to get this shot.

I had to hike a short trail and got caught in a 20 minute downpour while holding my camera and bag with other gear. Fortunately I remembered this Lowepro bag had a waterproof pullover, so I put that on and waited under some trees for the rain to stop. Then there was some wading through a stream to get to the waterfall.

Ended up with some great shots, despite scratching the bottom of my 5D a bit propping it up on rocks to take steady shots. Next time I'll remember to bring a lightweight tripod!

Many more photos to come. In the meantime, here are a few more Maui shots I put on Facebook.

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