A week in the Emerald City

I went to Seattle for the first time from June 30th to July 6th for work. I brought my camera along for the trip of course.

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Pike Place Market

By far one of the most recognizable Seattle landmarks, Pike Place is a public farmer's market that's also home to dozens of restaurants and shops.

In particular, the "original" Starbucks is right across the street from the market. That's in quotes as the first Starbucks was located elsewhere in Seattle and moved to the current location five years after its 1971 founding.


After a recommendation from Mike Davidson, I checked out this waterfront restaurant with coworkers one evening.


My friend Vaughn took me to this bar to see their elaborate cocktails. I ordered a cognac drink called the Milk & Cookies that actually came in a lunch box with Oreos.

Seattle Public Library

Kerry Park

This park inhabits a tiny sliver of a city block but rests high up on a hill, providing one of the best Seattle skyline views. I wish I had a zoom lense for this shot though!

Olympic Sculpture Park

Gas Works Park

July 4th fireworks viewing!

Mount Rainier

I rented a Zipcar SUV on Saturday and drove several hours south to see Mount Rainier up close. The trip took up most of the day; especially with lots of park traffic given it was July 4th weekend.

After getting into the park, there was another ~30 minutes of driving up windy roads to get to Paradise, Washington on the south slope.

As I continued driving up the twisty road I started getting into the snow; a rather odd sight to see for July. It was about 58° F at the coldest up here.

EMP Museum & Space Needle

Columbia Center Sky View Observatory

I was hoping to get some great night shots from this 73rd floor but unfortunately the timing didn't work out and I only had 10 minutes here. Dusk doesn't arrive until around 9:30pm in the Seattle summer.

El Gaucho

Filet mignon and bananas foster before heading back to San Francisco.