Aston Martin

Lightroom Before & After

Shot with a Canon 5D Mark III at f/14 with a 24-70mm Canon L at ISO 320 with a polarizer. (Be sure to click to see a larger version, some detail looks a bit pixely resized.)

Aston Martin before Adobe Lightroom
The "before", untouched shot. Nothing special about this shot.

I wanted to make the Aston feel like the only thing on the road. The first thing I did in Lightroom was take emphasis away from everything else by decreasing exposure, increasing shadows and lowering highlights. I wanted to bring out the dirty detail in the street so I bumped up the clarity. I then dabbled in black & white and decided it looked better with a cool tint (split toning -> shadow color + 100% saturation).

At this point the Aston was rather dark so I took the Adjustment Brush and selected the car, then notched up exposure. The only thing left was a nice dark vignette to draw attention to the only thing that matters in this photo, the lovely Aston Martin.