Photojojo Time Capsule Launches

No I'm not talking about Apple's Time Capsule backup device, rather a new project from the folks at Photojojo called the Photo Time Capsule. Just set it up with your Flickr account and every month you'll receive an email highlighting some of your best Flickr photos from around a year ago.

Photojojo Time Capsule

Photo Time Capsule set out to solve the whole issue where you forget about some of your best photos because you just have so many. I can definitely agree with this sentiment, having used Flickr myself since 2004 and having over 10,000 photos on the service. Photo Time Capsule is free but I don't think they would mind if you stopped by their photo store.

Photojojo might sound familiar if you're a regular reader. They helped me be one of the first on the block to review the Eye-Fi SD card.

Do you use Flickr enough for this Photo Time Capsule to come in handy?