OS X x86: Install OS X on Your PC

If you've passed by digg during the last few hours you've seen the incredibly popular OSX 10.4.3 on your PC post. From the comments it appears as though this works. Some one has even tracked down the appropriate torrent, prepatched for SSE2 (OS X x86 requires an SSE3 instruction-set enabled processor, such as a Prescott Core Intel) alongside ATi video acceleration and Rosetta translation in the comments. I can't verify if everything works, but it seems to be thorough so there's no reason it shouldn't work. If you attempt this and run into problems, and you will, osx86project.org has your answers. Installing OS X on your PC hasn't been a terribly new thing; people have been doing for quite sometime now ever since Apple announced the move to Intel chips and developer dmg's of OS X were leaked. It's only until now that someone has put all of this helpful information in one place that it's really starting to catch on.