Odeo Launches twttr, hellodeo

Twttr is a unique service by Odeo that takes a stab at on-the-go socializing. You know how your messenger (whichever service you use) lets you have status/away messages? Well twttr not only lets you have real live status messages while you're out, but you can find out what your friends are doing as well as share thoughts with your friends with this SMS-powered service. It sounds really similar to mobile instant messenger, but the power is in the way you word it.

Twttr is a new mobile service that helps groups of friends bounce random thoughts around with SMS. When we showed it to Jason Goldman (product manager of Blogger) he called it "present tense blogging."
Source: Biz Stone
Twttr has married Short Code Messaging, SMS with a way to create social groups. By sending a text message to a short code (for TWTTR) you can send your location information, your mood information or whatever and share it with people who are on your social-mob! Best part - no installation necessary! ...
Source: GigaOM

In addition to twttr, the Odeo folks have another fairly new side-project, hellodeo. Hellodeo is a very small web application letting anyone (no registration needed) create and distribute small video clips with almost no effort. Once a video is recorded through the iSight integrated on most new Macs for example, hellodeo saves the clip on their server and provides you the necessary code to post the video on your blog. However, the folks at Post Bubble seem to think that there is an ulterior objective of hellodeo - something in the way of Marketing 2.0.