Nike Extending Plus to Gym Equipment

One of the main criticisms of the Nike+ iPod system is that it only works for running and similar activities. It won't accurately track workouts on a stair-master, elliptical trainer, stationary bike and other such gym equipment. Nike and Apple both listened and have been working with gym equipment manufacturers to solve just that problem.

Nike Plus Gym

New equipment will include a dock to load your iPod Nano and gather stats about your workout. As with the current Nike+ system, you can then share that data with Nike's website to compete with others or just track your own progress.

Come this summer, Nike + iPod Sport Kit users will be able to simply plug their iPod nano into compatible equipment at the start of their workout to automatically record their progress. Users can then connect their iPod with their computer to upload the workout to

Sources close to The Stammy have stated that Georgia Tech's renowned recreation center has been in talks with Nike about receiving the new-fangled gym equipment. Whether I will be able to test it out before I graduate in December is another question.

About Nike+

Nike+ is a collaboration between Nike and Apple to provide iPod users with detailed stats and an online interface for analyzing their runs. It involves an sensor placed in the sole of a shoe and a receiver in the base of an iPod. I'm no stranger to Nike+ having worked closely with Nike for my Nike+ commercial.
Nike Plus Kit
A typical Nike+ kit, sans the included earbuds.

For those wondering if I found a better set of running headphones, I haven't. I went back to using the wrap-around Sony headphones pictured above. They're a bit bulky but at least they don't fall off every other stride.

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Would you take advantage of the new Nike+'d gym equipment? While I think it's a natural expansion for Nike/Apple, I probably won't make use of the equipment as I generally just run for a workout.