Next-Gen Intel Pentium 4 Chips Runs Multiple OSes

Intel has recently announced that their latest batch of Pentium 4 offerings, formerly code-named Vanderpool, features an astonishing Virtualization Technology. Not to be confused with HT, or Hyperthreading Technology, VT allows multiple operating systems to run simultaneously on one physical system. Virtualization Technology initially loads a program called Hypervisor, which can be considered a virtual OS boot loader. This seems like very promising technology. You could technically have many operating systems and switch between them on a moment's notice. This is also a great development for coders, who would definitely utilize this technology to compile packages on different operating systems. However, the letdown is the price. They are offered in 3.6 and 3.8GHz flavors for 401 and 605 respectively. Regardless of which chip you choose, they are both speed demons with 800MHz FSBs, 2MB L2 caches, and EM64T support. Read the full story via Intel's Press Release.