New Feature: Public RSS Aggregator

Every once in a while, someone would ask me what feeds I subscribe to as they have the same interests as I do. No need to ask me anymore. Today I unleash Agg (taken down since this was posted), which is short for aggregator, which wouldn't fit in the menu bar. It is served by the lovely open source Gregarius web-based and AJAX-powered feed aggregator. I've added most of my feeds and will get around to adding all of them shortly. Whenever you want to see what's up in the tech world, just click on Agg and you'll have all you need. If you would like me to add a feed, just let me know in the comments as this aggregator is all for you guys. It updates the feeds every 15 minutes (any more and that would negatively affect the server and the feeds' servers), however you can manually refresh them by clicking on refresh (doesn't seem to work in Firefox though). I also enabled tagging so you can go around and tag feeds/posts, although I'm not quite sure how this works yet. I plan on writing a quick tutorial on how you can get this on your server as well. The install was quick and pain free; literally online in 3 minutes. Enjoy.

By the way, some of you might have seen something in my feed labeled "Aggregator." I had accidentally made a post called Aggregator instead of a page which I used to link to it in the menu bar. Unfortunately, the feed was quick to serve that up.