Motorola Q Update

It has been a bit over a month since I got my Motorola Q Smartphone and I've started to see this device in a whole new light. I hate this thing. The OS is borderline bareable, boot-up and shutdown take around 30 seconds, the phone likes to reboot all by itself and there are numerous quirks that make me want to pummel it with some rebar. Whenever something irritates me about the phone I have to remind myself that it has a smokin' form factor... but that's about it.

The primary buttons such as send and end are annoying to press as they are sunk lower than most of the keys. The joystick apparatus has started to feel cheap and makes creaking sounds when in use. Sometimes the screen doesn't light up when you're receiving a call.. which is just stupid. However, not to be outdone by itself the Q won't let you have a ringer and vibration to notify you when you're getting a call. (edit 5/6/07: apparently you can in current firmware revisions) But that's quite alright because the Q has this nifty little bug where sometimes it won't even let you know that someone is calling, but it will sure give you the heads up that you've missed 3 calls. Very spiffy Q, did you learn that all by yourself? As for me, I'm stuck with Verizon Wireless (Cingular is the way to go in Atlanta, their HQ is there) for 2 years on a crappy smartphone but I have learned to keep myself from throwing the phone at the wall every time it lets me down. I had to be an early adopter. x_x