Motionbox, It's Like a Well Thought-out YouTube

Yesterday's shocking news of YouTube's alteration to their policy (MySpace had a similar thing going on until they recently made it more friendly) stated that YouTube pretty much owns anything you upload. It's no surprise that people have been fleeing to find new, rights-friendly alternatives. Motionbox has a few things YouTube doesn't - design and an advanced flash player with a film-strip.

In the film-strip enabled player, which requires Flash 9, each video is separated into clips which let you visually see portions of the video and skip ahead accordingly. It makes viewing those random videos much more tolerable. However, at this moment motionbox does not provide the code necessary to embed their flash players within websites, a feature that helped make YouTube famous. A service similar to motionbox is San Francisco startup Jumpcut, which allows users to also edit or "remix" videos right within the site.