Mint Up & Running

MINTAfter getting rid of some initial server setup issues, I was able to get Shaun Inman's amazing stats monitoring web application, Mint. It lets me keep a keen eye on my visitors, what time they visited, what pages were browsed, what browser resolution they are running, what web browser they use, as well as inform me of other vital information.

Mint's tag line is that I will be able to find out what my visitors browse most often, so that I can expand that content as well as hone in to what they want. Mint was released but a few days ago. I purchased a site license for this domain but was unable to install it since I was then serving this website locally on my Mac Mini.

The feature of Mint that caught my eye first was the Pepper API, which allows developers to create their own plugins and dramatically improves the potential of Mint. For example, just recently a download counter was released for Pepper.