Microsoft Out to Kill Craigslist

Okay maybe Microsoft isn't out to kill Craigslist per se but their new Windows Live Expo, which is now in a closed beta test, aims to do exactly what Craigslist does only better. Microsoft describes Live Expo as the following:

What it is An online marketplace and social networking site What it gives you • Free ads that are easy to post • Browse through a wide range of categories ranging from merchandise, events, personals and services

According to Mr. Niall Kennedy of Technorati fame, Microsoft has initiated a closed beta of 13,000 and is still accepting beta users via this signup page. From the screenshot, it seems fairly ominous; something about that Windows logo at the top veers me away. And it wouldn't be Microsoft if it didn't incorporate MSN services like Spaces and Messenger. Yes, Microsoft knows how we all loathe use messenger, O_O.

Microsoft Windows Live Expo