May 1st Means CSS Reboot

Welcome rebooters! You probably stumbled upon my site via the front page of CSS Reboot where this site is featured as one of 50 premium rebooters. My redesign for was supposed to come in time for my spring break but it took longer than expected so I launched it on March 31st, exactly one month ago, with this post. My old design, which I have released, was a skinny single-column mod of the K2 theme. The design you are currently looking at, dubbed Defiance, was my attempt at a more professional design allowing me to show more content (many of my guides are lengthy, making reading them on a skinny layout a challenge) and provide for easier navigation. However, I think I owe an apology to those of you visiting me in Internet Explorer. Things look rather different for the bunch of you.

I have tweaked the background, still running K2, quite a bit to handle my growing trend of high traffic. Pages have been optimized from over 250kB to around 70kB. Load times have greatly improved, which was one thing people had informed me about following the redesign.

As you browse through my pages and posts, I will have pulled an all-nighter studying for my History 2112 final exam. If everything goes as planned I will have had read over 500 pages of selected readings from textbooks, novels and other assorted handouts within a 24 hour period.

Before heading back to CSS Reboot to check out the other amazing sites, please grab my feed. A thousand people can't be wrong. =D I also highly recommend finding other rebooters within 9rules by heading over to I have the feeling that a lot of 9rulers will be rebooting as well.