Mactel XP Dual-Boot Solution?

I know I have been talking about the new Intel Macs a lot recently, but it seems as though someone over at has compiled a set of instructions that might work for dual-booting XP on an Intel Mac. The instructions haven't been tested as the author does not have access to an Intel Mac but they look very promising. To bypass the BIOS limitation, the bootloader from Windows Vista is modified for usage as well as the Mac Darwin bootloader. It is a rather involved setup, but if it works this guy could take home the prize money from the WinXPonMac contest.

1. Using the Bootable Acronis Disk Director CD on the MacBook, shrink the Mac partition. 2. Create a new partition of type NTFS/HPFS in the remaining space. 3. Setup a clean version of XP on a PC. 4. Extract Boot.7z to the root drive of your XP installation.. So you have C:\Boot\ 5. Copy bcdedit.exe to the root drive of your XP installation. C:\BCDedit.exe 6. Copy MacBook.bcd to the root drive of your XP installation 7. Use sysprep to “reseal” your XP install and remove all hardware info from the setup
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