MacBook Pros Updated, Google Releases Custom Search

When an Apple contact told me last night that there would be new Macbook Pros today, I was a little skeptical. But alas, Apple came through this morning releasing updated MacBook Pros. The MBP hasn't received an update since it was released in January of 2006. The most notable additions include a Core 2 Duo processor and a FireWire 800 port.

The Core 2 Duo makes the updated MacBook Pros up to 39% faster than its Core Duo predecessors. They ship with 1GB RAM standard for the 2.16GHz models and 2GB for the 2.33GHz models. Memory is expandable up to 3GB. Optical drives run at 6x dual-layer while the 17-inch MacBook Pro gets an 8x dual-layer drive. Users have the option of a 200GB hard drive via BTO as well as a new accessory, the MagSafe Airline power adapter.

Google Releases Custom Search

Stealing the thunder from Rollyo, Google now lets users roll their own search engines through their Co-op service. Anyone can create a custom search engine by providing Co-op a list of websites to search. In addition users have control over how the results are displayed as well as the priority of the results. The Google blog has the story.