Mac Mini First to Sport Intel Chip

Intel's upcoming Pentium Mobile chip with a codename of Yonah may very well be the first Intel processor in a Mac. AppleInsider claims the Mac Mini will likely be the first production Apple computer with an Intel processor. This disputes MacPredict which believes the first Intel-based Apple will be the PowerBooks. Either way, I welcome Intel chips to Apples. At least from a Linux on Apple perspective, things will be a lot better. Macromedia Flash works on x86 processors (no PPC support) as do other various applications that do not have x86 varients, such as RealPlayer. I uncovered the downfall of running Linux on a PPC computer in my Ubuntu article. The Yonah processor is an excellent selection for the Mac Mini. If you have heard about it during the Intel Developer Forum, Yonah, which goes into an early 2006 volume production, is the first dual core, mobile-optimized, 65nm processor. You can read Intel's Multi-Core roadmap here. I just hope that the new Mac Mini will come with the option of a faster, ie non-4200rpm, hard drive with BTO options.