Link Mania

I've been drenched with school work recently - a paper on eBooks, a VoiceXML project, a few tests, and a large C programming assignment to close off the week. I'm going to list some of the more interesting articles I've passed on by during the past few days. First, I heard that the Palm OS as we know it is dead and will be moving to a Linux platform. Bryan's writing a book called CSS by Kittens that I recommend you pre-order. TheUberGeeks added a fourth to their trio, by the name of Josue Salazar, to bring some more Windows content to their line up. iLife '06 got some minor updates and apparently someone has discovered the FIRST Mac OS X virus. You might have seen all the ruckus at the bottom of my homepage. I am trying to incorporate a great plugin, Michael's rolling archives, based on code Michael Heilemann released to the Binary Bonsai forums public with Zeo's help. It appears as though DICE and Digital Illusions, makers of the popular Battlefield 1942 and 2, are working on another hit, Battlefield 2142. Microsoft tells the EU to screw off. There was lots of noise yesterday when Scrivs, head-honcho at 9rules, said he took a few sites out of 9rules for various reasons, but I support everything they've done. Last night I brought a blogger into the world. His name is Chris Morrell and he's one of my friends here at tech. After his DNS resolves to and we set everything up, it will be the place for some great Windows content, he's 100% x86 and Macs are like kryptonite for him. He's an extremely hard core computer modder and is actually building a vapor phase change cooling system for his rig this weekend. I also don't have class today, there is a Living Game Worlds symposium on campus - the designer of the Sims games will be speaking. Update: How could I forget Microsoft changing their agreement license so that a new motherboard means you have to buy a new XP license. Microsoft also launched the OfficeLive beta.