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Jottit - What a Simple UI Looks Like

Jottit is a basic web application developed by Aaron Swartz that lets you create your own web page. Yup, that's pretty much it. There's nothing revolutionary about Jottit but I love the user experience. The homepage is nothing but a textbox where you enter in some text or html to create your own page. It's only after you're on the page that you are asked to provide a password if you'd like to claim the page, as well as other settings such as changing the design and creating a custom URL.

Jottit Jottit

Some of the design aspects look 37signals-esque, but I'm a fan of unobtrusive and painless interfaces. I'm not sure if the actual utility of Jottit will come in handy for me as I generally keep a small notepad on my desk for note/idea-tracking. Can you find any use for Jottit in your daily life?

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"Jottit - What a Simple UI Looks Like" by @Stammy