Invisible Shield for Moto Q Reviewed

Qusers, the seemingly definitive resource for all things Motorola Q, has posted a comprehensive review of the invisible shield. The shield is a high-quality scratch protector applied to the front and back of the Q. The results are great for those looking into protection for their Q. This is great news as I ordered one for my Q yesterday after being impressed with the quality of the Invisible Shield on my MacBook. However, I must note that if you are looking at getting the MacBook shield, have fun applying it on the top of the lid - it's near impossible.

Overall I am very impressed with the IS. Assuming the replacement screen protector is as clean and clear as the other pieces I received then the only issue I will have to deal with is working the Q into the charger stand smoothly. The IS is very clear so its easy to see the screen through it. Unlike other screen protectors I have had, I barely notice and fuzziness.