I'm Done with Finals!

I just got back from my Computational Media final, which marks my last final this semester. This week has been hectic to say the least, but all seems well and good now. I even passed computer science which was by far a shock to me. The past few days I have been pulling all-nighters back to back. Last night, the fire alarm went off not once, not twice but three times - all after midnight. After coming back from my final this morning, it had gone off yet again. Gah. To top that off, earlier in the week, East Campus and the library completely lost power around midnight. That must have been a horrible situation for those that had finals in the morning.

fire alarm
The third fire alarm on Thursday night, around 2am.

Finals week wasn't all study study though. I got a few chuckles in the library bathroom after seeing this. I also spotted a stall where someone had written "Georgia Tech: Where your best hasn't been good enough since 1883." That's the kind of the you see sprout up during finals when stress is at its peak.

UGA diploma
UGA is Georgia Tech's rival.

So, what did I learn this semester you ask? LCC2700 taught me that computers are a powerful medium which can be used to express things and concepts about ideas in the surrounding world. LCC2400 clued me in on all the different types of media, their history and their evolution while I informed the class about blogging, Web 2.0 and podcasting. HPS1040 is a required class for all majors and told me to exercise and not eat fast food, as fortified by watching Supersize Me in class last week. HIST2112 taught me how to think historically and that your professor can remember who you are based on the hat you always wear, which comes in handy when he needs to bump your borderline grade up. Finally, CS2260 taught me that I really don't like C programming for media device architectures, that C has horrible type checking and that it is vital to procure smart friends in any computer science course from early on.

A bright student teaching the class at a midterm review session

Outside of class I learned that living on campus is just about the worst decision any student can make. We've had the toilet explode, the toilet flush itself continually on its own, the A/C not work for months at a time and the lightbulbs go out at the most inopportune times. Having other three roommates doesn't help either (sorry dan, matt, chris). Toilet paper was always scarce with one of us often making midnight runs to Publix in times of crisis. Sharing a mini-fridge seemed impossible at times, with people overbuying every week and having to waste the extra food. There was always that three month old half-gallon of milk rotting away in the corner of the fridge as well. That didn't help the smell too much. The new College of Computing or "SuperCoC" construction has left debris in the road, putting two nails in my tires while the parking dept. has given me tickets within a paid parking deck.

The great toilet flood of February 2006.
No matter how hard I try, cooking is an impossible feat.

I found an answer to my hypothesis that geeks suck at dodgeball intramurals (we do). I completed my thesis on how much dining hall food sucks. Finals are a meal best taken with caffeine and written finals are the worst kind of finals.

Notice cupcake, cheese and bread. They had nothing else to eat.
finals fuel
Finals fuel.
blue book
For my LCC2700 final.

Now comes the task of dismantling my electronics, packing away my gadgets and compressing them into my car for the 14 hour journey to Houston that shall commence on Saturday. I need to defrost and move my 5.5 cu. ft. freezer across campus so that Chris can store it at his frat over the summer. Once all of this comes to fruition, then and only then can I get back into my normal blogging schedule. Many things have piled up in my mind over the last week or two. I can assure you I have some top-notch content waiting to take off. After that, this is what I have to look forward to... off-campus housing!

centennial place
1231 sq. ft., 3 floors, a deck and a garage.