I got Dugg!

Earlier this evening an article I had written about configuring the Azureus bittorrent client was posted on the frontpage of LifeHacker.com. A few minutes later I found hits coming in from Digg. Less than 20 minutes later, I was on the frontpage of Digg! This is a huge deal to me because I visit Digg several times a day and to have my article on there is an awesome feeling. Right now I am just sitting back, RedBull in hand, keeping an eye on my Mint stats. At the time of this post I've received over 2,500 unique hits within the past 2-3 hours. Compare that to my regular 100-200 unique hits a day. You can check out the Digg page here.

This only adds to my already great day... On the way from Physics to the student center some people from RedBull were handing out free RedBull (my roommate didn't like it so he gave me his) and then I received my Calculus 3 midterm grade - it was significantly higher than the class average. Later this evening I had gone to Borders to return a web design book that was suckier than I thought and on the ride back I spotted a Maybach!

Update: I have surpassed 12,000 unique hits on that article!