How Many Hours Do You Spend Online Daily?

I came across an interesting note on 9rules asking people how much time they spent online each day. I've already asked you what you use as your homepage, now I'm going to ask how much time you spend online everyday. I'll go first.

First off, my daily Internet activities are heavily dependent upon how much school work I have on that given day. Sometimes it ranges from several meetings with groups to writing papers and reading endless PDFs. I'll assume it's an average school day with only a few hours of work outside of classes.

Apparently I spend 10 hours a day here.

I wake up around 7:30-8am and spend 30 minutes checking email and a few sites ( popular/hacker news/techmeme/digg). I then realize how an hour has passed and I must make haste. I don't often take my MacBook Pro to class unless I need to follow along with a PDF in class but I do tend to check my Gmail on my BlackBerry every 10 minutes.

After classes I grab some lunch on campus or at Panera and get back to my room by noon. I spend an hour or two reading feeds and checking more sites, possibly blogging if I'm not too tired. Around this time I take a 1-2 hour nap, wake up around 3-4pm (or in some cases 10pm, which does mess up my day), stay online until around 8pm, make dinner, do homework, head to the gym for an hour, get back home and do nothing on the couch for an hour/watch HBO, then get back online around midnight and stay online until 3 to 4am. However, my online activities in the wee hours are usually limited to watching web lectures for classes and writing up blog posts like this one (it is now 3:51am).

That seems to add up to a conservative estimate of about 10 hours a day, which now that I've calculated it seems like a lot of time to be sitting in front of a computer. On the other side of things when I have a moderate amount of school work, I only clock in about 4 hours of Internet time. How do you fare?