Thinking about Hackintosh

I have been thinking about building a hackintosh lately. If you have experience with this, I would love a few pointers in the comments.

I have been told that InsanelyMac is the place to start looking at other setups to find compatible hardware. Ideally I would like a Shuttle SFF hackintosh — love the form factor — but their motherboards do not seem to be hackintosh friendly yet. I am thinking about something like a six core 3.2GHz Gulftown Intel Core i7 processor, SSD RAID 0 with Vertex 3 Pros, 8 or 12GB of RAM and a decent video card.

My Macbook Pro is showing its age and while I'm interested in the upcoming MacBook Airs with LV Core i5 processors (rumor), I'd want a beefier GPU too.

Have you ever run a hackintosh PC?