Fall Break

Tomorrow begins a four day fall break for students at Georgia Tech and I'll be heading off to Washington, D.C. to visit my sister. Of course, I'll have my laptop but don't expect too many posts. Hopefully sometime tonight I will be able to post an article I've been working on all last night, it will be called "Part 3: Azureus Anonymity." On a side note, I just saw some INSANE cars! I was filling up my car for the trip to the airport tomorrow and on the way back I spotted a dark silver Lamborghini Murcielago right on PeachTree St., and then a silver BMW M6, which I didn't even know were out yet, and a black Ferrari 360 Modena that was tailing me for a few miles. I really need to start keeping my digicam in my car. That makes my first Murcielago sighting, first M6 sighting and I've lost track of how many 360's I've seen (at least 20). That reminds me, I forgot to mention how I saw a yellow Lotus Elise last weekend on the way to the Atlanta Greek Festival. Well, I'm off to eat, pack, and watch The O.C., cheers.