Boot Camp Bug?

After talking with a few people that dual-boot OS X and Windows XP through the use of Boot Camp, it appears as though there is a slight bug. If the user boots into Windows and then boots back into OS X (or vice versa) the time changes by itself. Changing it back has no effect as it becomes altered again on the next boot into the other OS. I'm not sure if this is the result of using Boot Camp or whether it stems from the shortcomings of using these two operating systems which might poll the hardware clock differently and affect each other.

Scouring Google did not uncover an official support thread or anything of that nature. Is anyone else experiencing this problem on their Boot Camp'd dual-boot Intel Macs? Hopefully we can make this issue heard and someone or group of people can find a fix. So far, I have experienced this problem on a MacBook Pro and an Intel Mac Mini. Let us know if you have come across this problem.