Begin Developing for the iPhone with iPhoney

As you many of you may know, the (overly-hyped) Apple iPhone is set to debut on June 29th. While there is no true SDK for developing third-party applications for the iPhone, applications can be created using the same technology as traditional web applications. Some developers familiar with OS X application development were a little upset about that as they typically don't develop web apps.


Regardless, Marketcircle has made development a bit more seamless with their pixel-accurate iPhone web environment dubbed iPhoney. As with the real iPhone, iPhoney utilizes Safari's rendering engine and displays your app in a real 320 by 480 pixel display area.

I wonder what type of iPhone applications will become commonplace. I'm almost certain more than a handful of bloggers will make their own RSS widget type applications for their site. Although, I would like to see a powerful application for managing and browsing Flickr.

Speaking of the iPhone, yesterday's big announcement was the inclusion of a YouTube application on the iPhone. Sounds great but I'm a little skeptical of how that will perform considering the iPhone will only sport 2.5G WWAN at launch.