Back to School

Fall break is just about over.  I'll be heading back to Atlanta tomorrow on a noon flight.  Hopefully, my cell phone alarm will be loud enough to wake me up.  As I'm writing this, in my sister's apartment, I am seeing 52 wireless access points and a whopping 28 that are unsecure.  People need to realize that they need to protect their access points.  I doubt that all of them are aware of the circumstances or are willingly giving away web access.  Anyway, I am not complaining, I am borrowing some right now.  I can't wait to get back to the dorm and setup Flock on my Mac Mini.  I have been messing around with it on my Windows laptop for the past day but it's just not the same.  I also need to scrounge up some change and see if I can find a place with the Batman Begins DVD in stock, it comes out that day.

Virginia/D.C./Maryland are amazing.  If California doesn't work out after college, I would like to live in this area.  However, the car nut in me did not like the fact that radar detectors are not legal in Virginia, and there weren't too many roads where you could let some throttle out (but the ones where you could looked stunning).  On top of that, there are 3 Apple stores within 30 minutes of each other!  I am used to those one Apple store cities... Houston, Atlanta.