A Refreshed Realignment

Back in July I "realigned" this site's design after having gotten bored with the old design. I began thinking this realigned design lacked some branding and could be tweaked up quickly. I ended up taking a break from watching all the cool SXSW happenings on twitter to "refresh" the design tonight. If you're reading this through RSS, click on over to see the new look. The only real change was the header area. The new header extends across the entire site and houses the navigation as well. The header also includes a small blurb about me and a mugshot so that people drifting through from search engines can quickly grasp what this site's about.

The sidebar also has a "popular this month" module that lists the most popular posts during the last month, ordered by number of comments. Hopefully that will stay forever - I just have to double-check that it's not terribly database intensive as the MySQL query for it is freakishly long. In addition, the header has a small section with the total number of words from every blog post I've written. Just a cool metric to glance at every once in a while. I might take that down in favor of something more interesting (and less database intensive) though.

Anyways, feedback is welcome. Let me know if you see any bugs flying around. Down the road I would love to hire Mike Rohde to make a kickass logo for this blog; he's done some amazing logo work in the past.

Update: I have yet to test in IE6/IE7. Maybe tomorrow I'll boot into XP & Vista.

Oh and not related but my friend Dimitry met Samir from the hit movie Office Space. Too cool.

Update 2: I've added a superheader as per some feedback. Refresh a few times for the new CSS to kick-in.

Paul StamatiouPaul Stamatiou

Paul Stamatiou is a designer, developer and photographer living in New York. He has been a product designer at Twitter since 2013. More »

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"A Refreshed Realignment" by @Stammy