5 Gifts for the Techie in Your Life

December is here and the holidays are in clear sight. If you haven't kick-started your holiday shopping on Black Friday, I'll be sharing a few unique gifts you can pick up for the techie in your life. I tried to avoid obvious things like iPods, Tivos and Slingboxes. This post was spurred by a meme started by Devin about what 5 gifts I would like to receive myself - but that wouldn't make for an interesting post considering it would include car things like Eibach Pro Kit springs and Maximum Motorsports Caster/Camber plates.

Pilot Hi-Tec-C Pen

Pilot's Hi-Tec-C pens are rare Japanese pens with an extremely fine tip. They make a great gift for anyone in your family from the enthusiastic Moleskine scribe to the architecture student. Jet Pens carries just about every variety of the Hi-Tec-C pen including 0.40mm, 0.30mm and 0.25mm tips. If that's too thick for you, Uniball has a 0.18mm Signo pen. As long as we're on the subject of small, Grippa slip pens are 1/8th inch thin and are great for storing in notebooks. 9ruler David Seah has a post about the Grippa slip pens.

Pilot Hi-Tec-C Pen

LaCie Huby USB/FW Hub

LaCie HubyAt first glance the LaCie Huby USB hub is more art piece than anything. Sporting 4 USB 2.0 ports, 2 FireWire ports, a USB light and USB fan, the Huby quickly establishes itself as more than an eyecandy/paperweight coalescence.

However, if the Huby is too Apple-esque for the Microsoft fanboy you had in mind you can opt for Belkin's UWB wireless 4-port USB hub which should be out in time for the holidays. It's about time too - I first blogged about this hub almost a year ago. Be prepared to shell out 200 for the first UWB wireless hub. Speaking of USB, the Logitech MX Revolution uber-mouse makes a great gift for the trigger finger in your family.

Geeky Tees

You can never ever go wrong with a geeky t-shirt. Always in style, they often evoke discussion from the kids within a 5 seat radius of you during Calculus III. Lucky for you there are many geeky t-shirt retailers...

TomTom ONE Portable GPS Navigation System

TomTom ONEGPS is hot right now and it has become very clear that TomTom produces great portable navigation systems. At a price point of about 400 the affordable TomTom ONE will get you to the holiday get-together and easily stow away in your shirt pocket for you to show off to everyone inside.

Back to Basics

While not exactly unique or jaw-dropping, there are several gifts that geeks can always put to good use. Everything below can perform well as an excellent stocking stuffer...

Tech Books
Some of my tech books. I will admit the Ajax and Rails books are for show - haven't read too much in them.

Which of these do you want to receive for your holiday festivities? What other techie items would you recommend for gift-givers?

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"5 Gifts for the Techie in Your Life" by @Stammy

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