World's Thinnest Notebook to Revive PCs

At 0.7-inches thin and 2.25 pounds light with an out of this world battery life of up to 14 hours, a prototype laptop backed by Intel dubbed the "Intel mobile Metro notebook" could change the game for PCs. I know I am biased as I write this on my Mac, but for the last few years PC offerings have been rather stale. With few attractive yet functional PC notebook solutions it's no wonder why people have abandoned ship to head for whiter pastures.

Intel Codename Metro Notebook
Image courtesy of BusinessWeek

Intel set out to change this misconception by funding some of its engineers along with Ziba Design to create a stunning "Think Thin" notebook.

The machine has to be fashionable, able to connect to all manner of wireless networks, and full of the latest, fastest computing capabilities. Oh yes, and make it as thin as Motorola's Razr.


The result is a notebook that might make me switch my mobile computing needs to a PC (if Apple never releases their rumored ultraportable notebook). While such a notebook won't come to mass produced fruition for a while, it gives us a glimpse into the future of notebooks if other PC manufacturers take notice. The codename Metro notebook specs are enough to make any techie giddy. Although, no word yet on the size of the screen or possible cost if it ever goes up for sale.

Intel Codename Metro Notebook
Image courtesy of BusinessWeek

Take a look at the BusinessWeek slide show for more pictures of this cutting-edge laptop.

What do you think of this prototype notebook? It could be exactly what the PC industry needs to revamp slumping sales of high-end notebooks while adding excitement to the term "PC". This might also signal the beginning of an era where laptops might regularly be thinner than mobile phones and where laptops start to be classified into specifications by their thickness. For example, a Class A notebook might be 0.5-inches thin and under, a Class B device might be 0.75-inches thin and under, etcetera.

Now, does it come in white?

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