Office 2008 for Mac Confirmed for Mid-Jan 2008

The Microsoft Office for Mac Team recently announced that their Office suite of productivity apps will be released to manufacturers in December, so you can safely see it in retail locations/online around Macworld time. In other words, damn we gotta wait some more. Although the Mac Mojo blog asserts that the extra time is purely for quality control reasons.

Office 2007 for Vista
Office 2007 Word, which has been out for quite some time already.

Office for Mac is among the most highly-anticipated applications for OS X purely because it is one of the only applications of its stature to not have made the switch to Universal Binary yet. In the meantime I am quite content with Google Docs, even if it can't do some basic things. However, if you have ever had the chance to play with Office 2007 let me know what you think of it. I actually believe that Office 2007 is one of the most solid things to come out of Redmond.

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"Office 2008 for Mac Confirmed for Mid-Jan 2008" by @Stammy

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