Off Topic: I Installed Massive Brakes on My Car

Update 7-17-09: This post is rather outdated. The car has a substantially different setup. Coilover suspension and a Brembo GT brake system currently.

I found a great deal on a 10th Anniversary Mustang Cobra brake kit so I ordered it. The brakes are much larger than the 11-inch rotors on my 2002 Mustang GT's stock brakes. The Cobra brakes have 13-inch Brembo rotors, much larger calipers as well as stainless steel brake lines that don't expand under pressure. I wasn't too familiar with working on brakes and bleeding the system but luckily my roommates are well established car heads. Check out the pictures in this photoset.

Stock Brakes

another rim shot

Cobra Brakes

Cobra calipers
About to bleed the brakes and put in synthetic DOT4 brake fluid.

After a few test stops around the block for leak testing, I took it for a drive in some of the hilly parts of Atlanta. These brakes are amazing. Upgrades down the line will focus on handling and chassis rigidity.

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"Off Topic: I Installed Massive Brakes on My Car" by @Stammy