Motorola Listened, Made "Just a Phone"

The people have spoken. We don't need a phone that plays live TV, lets us download MP3's on-the-fly or even takes pictures. Just give us a simple phone that has a decent form factor, damn near stellar battery life, voice quality and reception. Motorola was the first major cellular phone manufacturer to answer the call (horrible pun somewhat intended).

Motorola recently released the MOTOFONE and it seems to be the perfect "just a phone." Motorola really took usability into consideration when designing the phone. It features a high-contrast screen viewable in a variety of lighting conditions, a cleaned up UI with icon-based navigation and a loud speaker. Now I'm going to take a wild stab in the dark and say that the MOTOFONE will sell extremely well and even comparatively to the RAZR or the new RIZR. Job well done Motorola.

That is one slick phone. Motorola, you know how to get in touch with me.