Mint Open House

After Ben Gray had asked me a few questions about Mint and the open client mode, I decided to enable client mode on my mint installation. I am a huge proponent of using mint to track website stats. I purchased mint the day it came out last September and couldn't be happier. It lets me know how many people visit this blog, what they look at, how long they look at it, what comments they leave and what they click to leave my site. It is a very powerful web application.

If you'd like to test drive mint, feel free to browse around mine at I will probably close it in a day or two so be quick. Letting too many people see it might tax the database a bit much. If you are wondering why my mint is blue, well I played with the CSS. Don't ask me to release the files to convert your mint, as this has already been discussed. Also, if you have your own mint installation please join my haveamint flickr group and post a screenshot or two.