Futuremark Releases 3DMark06

In the hardcore computer performance and gaming community, there is an underlying test to see how good your computer is; the 3DMark benchmark. Futuremark has been making this Gamer's Benchmark for many years and it is just about the most undisputed benchmark for computer speed. 3DMark06 was just released as reported by ExtremeTech, and it includes all the requisite pixel shader, CPU and other miscellaneous benchmarks to bring your latest machine to its knees. The reason 3DMark has been so popular is because of its scoring and ranking system. Users can compare their computer to similar systems and see how well they stand up. Score well and you could be featured on the prestigious hall of fame. Be warned, achieving status on the hall of fame is no small feat. Popular overclockers such as Macci and Sampsa has used extravagent cooling methods such as triple cascade phase change cooling systems on the CPU and GPU along side voltage mods to bring out the best performance possible. Many of these professional overclockers inhabit the niche forums at xtremesystems.org, where HVAC engineers stop by and lend a hand to help that new overclocker get their CPU below 100 degrees Celsius. Get your copy of 3DMark06 and see where your computer stands. For those of you that have read deep within my about page, you might have seen that I was on the Futuremark hall of fame some time ago with the 16th spot for the 3DMark03 benchmark with my voltage-modded and overclocked ATi X800Pro.