For Sale: Mac Mini

As a follow up to the MacBook post, I am now selling my Mac Mini. I figured it would be better to have one primary machine, which meant selling the Mac Mini to make way. As you know, my Mac Mini is a one of a kind, completely maxed out model with a 1.83GHz Core Duo, 2GB of RAM, Superdrive and a 7200rpm 80GB hard drive. Just about everything has been changed and it is fast. Here is the craigslist posting I made for it, where it is up for sale at 999 USD (buyer pays shipping). If you buy it and have a blog, I'll give you a complementary sponsored link for one month.

And speaking of selling things I also have for sale: a 1.5GHz Core Solo processor, 2x256MB DDR2-667 SO-DIMM RAM, 2x512MB Kingston HyperX DDR433, 2x512MB Corsair XMS Pro C2 DDR400 (the one with LEDs in the heatspreader), and a 160GB Western Digital Caviar ATAPI/IDE hard drive.