For those of you that haven't been online in a few months, the buzzworthy Flock browser is coming soon.  While it is going to be a challenger for Mozilla's Firefox browser, it will attract a different type of crowd.  Flock has been marketed as being keen with the latest web trends such as blogs and online communities, including a dashboard type feature where users can compose blog entries and post blog.  It might even be a competitor to what I believe is the reigning blog managing software, Qumana.  Flock is fairly close to public release since one of the developers released screenshots on his flickr account.  From what I can tell Flock looks stunning and has some massive potential.  The integrated tags feature seems interesting and it appears as though a search field in the upper right of the browser lets you search wordpress blogs... that's what I'm assuming by the "W" logo next to the search field.  I can't wait to get my hands on the first public release, especially after seeing Jon Hicks', creator of the Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird logos, name as one of the contributors.

Edit: On second thought, the "W" logo next to the search field is likely for Wikipedia, the amazing collaborative, open source encyclopedia... just as good though!