First Week of Junior Year

I arrived safely in Atlanta last Friday and have been building Ikea furniture ever since. I have a somewhat habitable room right now and after a hectic day of trying to piece together my course schedule at the last minute I seem to have found a nice variety of classes. Things might change but right now I'm signed up for LCC3705 - Principles of Information Design, LCC3710 - Principles of Interaction Design, ECON2106 - Microeconomics, CS3451 - Computer Graphics and some other class.

I've slowly come to the point where I've gotten rid of most of the annoying core requirements and can really start getting into my Computational Media major, which is a blessing. Those two LCC classes are pretty damn cool. They are both project-oriented studio classes and are rather small at under 20 students each. The interaction design course deals with lots of usability, HCI and uses tools like Flash and Photoshop while the information design course is heavy on information architecture and site organization while utilizing PHP, MySQL, XML and some AJAX - both much more interesting than something like Calculus III. I also applied to be a mentor for the new Computational Media freshmen, so we'll see how that goes.

My schedule is a little odd with my first class on MWF starting at 1pm and TR pretty much booked from 9am to 5pm. On the upshot, I get to come home to my own room after classes! However, we did have a little problem with bugs and had the house fumigated today (although Chris doesn't think that helped much).

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"First Week of Junior Year" by @Stammy