eBay Slams Google

Online auction giant eBay has started banning sellers from using Google's new Checkout payment service. EBay's justification stems from its Accepted Payments policy which states that a payment service must have a proven, reliable and safe track record for dealing with finances. Realistically, this is likely eBay trying to protect its old buddy PayPal which has been an eBay must since the start. Is eBay really fostering a monopoly and shunning all PayPal competition?

Google attempted to refute eBay's actions, declaring that Google has long dealt with payment services and claims that Checkout is a safe, reliable final product. It seems as though Google is talking to a brick wall. EBay doesn't plan on changing its mind anytime soon, which is a shame as I would love to switch from PayPal to Checkout. Unfortunately, I can't do that unless I'm ensured that Checkout will be eBay friendly.