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Deligio is a new web service vying to be an alternative for Created by an Amsterdam-based startup, deligio is a comprehensive software bookmarking site and search engine. Upon first visit, you'll see a simple homepage with a single search interface. Deligio aims to provide a quick and easy experience, helping you find the software you need and sharing with others.


The full site reminds me of wholeheartedly but with a few resolute differences. To share a piece of software (rather, a link to the software's site), users proceed as they would with, but have the ability to organize the software by operating system and license (freeware, trial or for purchase).

Rodger Buyvoets, co-founder of “Initially we wanted to create a search engine for our own use which would enable us to search and find software. The well known website is too ambiguous and far too commercialized. That is why uses the Google based principle of a simple search function that will allow the user to find the most appropriate application with no unnecessary distractions."

The deligio concept might remind you of iusethis, but the stark difference between the two is that iusethis is much more social in the respect that users vote for software based on whether or not they use them, while deligio is building a repository of software links, rated and commented on by users.

An example of what a software page looks like. Users can leave comments and rate software.

I agree with deligio's assertion that isn't the best place to find software anymore. I've always found it a little too cluttered and busy. However, if deligio wants to be a viable replacement or alternative for, they are going to need to grow their user base so more and more software can be added. In addition, there should be more than one way of finding software. People often don't know what they want until they see it. For that, it would be wise to make a page of "hot", recent and random software as well as some other means for locating software.

An example of what a search result page looks like.

Where do you turn when looking for new software? I usually find out about interesting apps from Chris Messina's flickrstream where he perpetually posts screenshots of new apps. MacUpdate is another great place to find out about software but I dare not subscribe to its massive feed and become flooded with unread items.

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